Rise of Bulgaria – Events leading to the Sack of Constantinople

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New Kings and Generals animated historical animated documentary series on the Byzantine-Crusader-Bulgarian Wars, as well as the Fourth Crusade and the Sack of Constantinople, fragmentation and restoration of the Eastern Roman Empire and Frankokratia, starts with an episode exploring the geopolitical situation in the region in the XII century, fall of the Komnenos dynasty and rise of the Angelos dynasty, and the restoration of the Bulgarian Tsardom under Ivan Asen and Peter. We’ll also talk about the battle of Tryavna of 1190.

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The video was made by Martin Stamatov, while the script was researched and written by Georgi Kolev. This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( The art was created by Nergiz Isaeva. Machinimas by MalayArcher on Total War: Attila engine.

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  1. I had my son watch from 7:00 to 7:21 and he was like, yup, I'm leaving now….. I responded with, see, and all you complain about is school work. Imagine having to deal with all this in a matter of moments!

  2. Welcome to the Balkans, where absolutely everyone wants to be the Emperor.
    FFS, how did the ERE last for so long?

  3. It’s kind of impressive Isaac Angelos held things together as well as he did, considering he had even more challenges and misfortunes heaped up on him than Alexios I.

  4. I wonder if the man Barbarossa was the reason why Hitler named his Eastern Front/Russian campaign Operation Barbarossa. Hitler was obsessed with Rome and it's history.

  5. The story of the second bulgarian kingdom is good, but that of the first is better ! It will be good to see a video about it

  6. your series is great but hard to find the previous or the next episode of each video. especially the series about Rome

  7. I am confused whether to like issac ii Angelos for his resilient effort to keep the empire afloat or to hate him cuz he is from the angeloi dynasty and for his failures😂😂

  8. I almost cried in view of the astonishing treachery in byzantines ranks. This generals/relatives/nobles are simply the worst.

  9. These events are really important as they actually not only led to sack of 1204 but to final fall of Rome in 14th and 15 century.

  10. They were Bulgarians, the vlach hypothesis for their origin was by Byzantinian and there is not logic for them to claim they are Bulgarians if they are actually vlachs.
    P.S. I am Bulgarian so I know better than you know about what happened

  11. The brothers was vlahs??? Are you serious? I was thinking that this chanel is maden by profesional historians and not by the someone who is believing the modern romanian historical propaganda! Theodor (Asen) and Petar are bulgarians (they declare it and so says some of byzantine scripts from this time), that are semi-CUMANS by mother. They declare themselves everywhere BULGARIANS and heirs of first Bulgarian kingdom heritage. Thats the reason that they are accepted by the bulgarian population and in same time they have very close alied connections with cumans the whole next century!

  12. As a Greek, I can picture the Byzantine Aristocrats trying to destroy one another while the entire country is being destroyed

  13. Serdica=Sofia ,nice to se this…Its always be city of serbs ..Bulgarian second Tsardom is fake,he always assimilate serbs,vlachs,etc. Real Bulgarians is not slavs! they live on the east on chernomore,and north-east to the Danube..

  14. Watched like 5-6 videos of Bulgarian history (different time period) and there is always ambush/narrow path major victories, these guys took this type of war to another level

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