Ross Kemp Interviews Gypsy Leaders in Bulgaria | Ross Kemp Extreme World

Ross Kemp is in Sofia, Bulgaria to interview one of the most despised ethnic groups in Europe, the Roma Gypsies. Whilst there he gets the chance to speak to the head of the Euroroma political party plus other leaders of the Gypsy clans.

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  1. For anyone scrolling through the comments stop i just want yo say bulgaria us a beautiful country and here nor the gypsy's or the host describes it well and there is filters on here to make it look bad but in reality bulgaria is full of beautiful unimaginable nature

  2. This is one country I have no interest in visiting. The only Bulgarian people I have come across only think about themselves😠

  3. I’m seeing all these racist comments about the roma people and all I’m gonna say is that not all of us are the same. Most are raised in the ghettos and are poor. Some are lucky to move out and live a Normal life. Being a gypsy in today’s society isn’t easy especially when you’ve faced racism your whole life just because of where you were from. We deserve better and are still fighting for justice. Me and my people will get the justice and respect that we deserve.

    Roma women are also sexualised most of the time. White men tend to think that we’re some kind of sexy goddesses that they can fantasise about which is another problem that we face.

    I hope one day we get what we deserve

  4. Hi, I am a Rom(gypsy), I come from Bulgaria, the country it’s so beautiful, but I can live there, because the discrimination of all nation in Bulgaria and worst political ever since 1989-90 I haven’t future there, but let’s talk about the Rom in all the country( Bulgaria) they don’t thinking about the future, same of them (most of them are lazy ) and they vote for money …I left Bulgaria when I was 13 years old, to go with my family in Italy in 2009, my mother language is the Bulgarian, I know to speak also gypsy,Italian, Deutsch, English since eighth years old, but that isn’t important….Tsvetelin Kunchev, is our …how to say …ambassador of gypsy/Bulgarian nation, but how can see him is a liar ! All political is lair, Bulgarian teenagers immigrate every year !

  5. The dramatic zoom ins on random apartment blocks, weird filter to make it seem more old timey, random music that has nothing to do with Bulgaria or Roma people… I laughed a lot 😂😂😂

  6. My great grandparents and my grandmother took off from Bulgaria for a America in 1936 or 37. My grandmother can speak Bulagrian but refuses to, English only in this house, she would scream. She won't even talk about the culture or anything. And if you ask her why she says its becuae I am an American. She takes alot of pride in that. She'll be turning 90 this year. I find it funny and kind of strange but I respect it.

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