'Ship sank in 3 mins': Heartbreaking video of Bulgaria cruiser survivors

Follow latest updates on and Divers have begun bringing bodies to the surface of those killed when a pleasure cruiser sank on the Volga river on Sunday. Earlier they reported finding more than 100 corpses trapped inside the ship. It’s emerged that the pleasure boat was not licenced to carry passengers, with Russia’s emergencies minister now saying that there were 208 people on board.


  1. Путина, Медведева и все их правительство растрелять у стены !!! Стране нужна РЕВОЛЮЦИЯ и полное уничтожение нынешнего правительства за исключением некоторых лиц!!! На это невозможно смотреть. Выплатели семьям погибших по 1 миллиону рублей, если я не ошибаюсь, а сами себе дворцы строят ; Жизнь ребенка или просто человека в нашей стране оценивается в $30,000 долларов!!! Народ – Путинское правительство должно быть УНИЧТОЖЕНО, СТЕРТО С ЛИЦА ЗЕМЛИ !!! Суки – все равно все в АДУ гореть будут !!!

  2. Deep sympathies to the relatives of those who left us this way . its heartbroken to see many children die like that 🙁 . from Pakistan

  3. my most sincere condolences to those who lost loved ones, and my prayers go out to Mother Nature to accept the bodies of the dead into her arms, may their souls rest in peace

  4. The corrupt officials of Vladimir Putin’s government should be punished by flogging through the Russian fleet and the number of lashes they should receive on each ship must equal the number of dead and injured passengers on board the Bulgaria.

  5. This is sad that people are so careless and corrupted that technically messy ships like this can take trip without any obstruction. It is late to cry. Its tragedy, global tragedy. Sinking and mentality too. Wake up, people. Don`t let your children die.

  6. I actually feel dull inside thinking of how they must feel losing a child or family member like that. I can only say I hope you find peace of mind and am so sorry for your loss. We all know what it's like to lose someone we love uncontrollably and can relate to this on some level. My deepest commiserations, From Ireland.

  7. @HomoCallidus what are you talking about, i believe this is a major tragedy and im sorry for the families that lost their own, its you who is the stereotype

  8. @Nuartur
    I realise it's not the best time for linguistic discussions but in Russian it's normal NOT to use the pronoun "my" when speaking about your own children, parents, spouses etc///
    It's just the professional linguist and native speaker of Russian in me that couldn't help reacting to your previous comment.Sorry for putting too fine a point on it.

  9. im not sure what my reaction would be like if i knew my child was still in there… i'd probably try to save him even if it cost me life… this is very horrible for those who lost their kids and loved ones :S

  10. @ViktorAlexandrov

    Thanks for the information.

    I hope they will learn from this tragic accident and avoid this in the future.

  11. How can a ship just sink in 3 minutes? Must be either some sabotage or some seriously incompetent captain.

    Ships stay afloat on the stormiest of oceans, why would one sink on a calm river?

  12. Как же мне жалко всех их. Бедные и несчастные люди! Подонок и этот арендатор!!!!!!!!!

  13. @DestroidALL
    Ну тогда не воняй и не ной что кто то там утонул.
    Если тонут, рабиваются и т.д. – заябись, значит всех всё устраивает и всем похуй,
    рейтин партии растёт, люди голсуют или забивают.

  14. @vikingdd Зачем их убивать? Вы в интернете такой смелый? Или понтуетесь типа? Ладно.. Досвидание. МЫ сами со своими проблемами разберёмся))

  15. @DestroidALL
    ссыкло попробу для начала чиновника убить или чечена
    что кишка тонка!
    сиди баран и блей в монитр

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