Shumen Monument 1300 Years of Bulgaria [Founders of the Bulgarian Country]

1300 Years of Bulgaria is the name of this monument in Shumen simply because it was erected 130 years after Khan Asparuh founded Bulgaria. This huge monument is like a closed space in which you can “meet” the people who probably contributed the most for the First Bulgarian Country. Khan Asparuh will “great” you at the entrance as a founder of Bulgaria. You will see Tervel, the diplomat, Krum, the creator of the laws and Omurtag, the builder. Boris I is also there who introduced the Christianity to the nation and after him is Simeon I (also known as Simeon The Great) who extended the country to 3 sees. In the monument he is surrounded by his boyards who helped him with important solutions, and his army.


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  1. You are such an awesome guide!! I wish I can see Bulgaria with you my friend!! You are the soul of the monument with your fantastic stories full of love and passion 🙂

  2. I have seen videos of the Shumen monument before, but this is the first one that introduces the statues and the people they represent. I have never been, but for a long time i have thought this is one of the most awe-inspiring monuments, you can feel the power from the size of the statues, but also their striking facial expressions and poses, almost seeming to be a part of the walls, symbolising a strong defence. Thanks very much for adding the historical side of the founders.

  3. What an absolutely stunning monument! And an awesome location. I'd definitely take the steps if I could, but 1300 is rather a big ask!!!
    Thanks for bringing this to us.. I've been looking forward to these Bulgarian videos, but I didn't want to cheat by seeing them out of order, haha… so I'm finally here! I really appreciated your information about this monument, and the important people in Bulgarian history. I love the sculptural style here, and the three language panels look beautiful. You make me want to learn more! Cheers, Michael.

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