Slovenia vs Bulgaria | VNL 2021 | Highlights | Tonncek Stern vs Asparuh Asparuhov

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| Slovenia swept Bulgaria at the close of pool play to grab the last remaining berth in the semifinals of the 2021 FIVB Men’s Volleyball Nations League.

Here’s the reaction after the game, from the virtual Mixed Zone:

Asparuh Asparuhov (Bulgaria): “It was a very tough match – the last one. We are very tired physically and mentally. We didn’t play well, especially me, because I made too many errors. It’s a lesson for us and we need to work a lot on all elements. We need to improve every aspect, improve technically, physically and tactically and work on every element of the game ahead of the European Championships.”

Tine Urnaut (Slovenia): “I’m very happy that we managed to win the game today and we qualified to the Final Four. That was our goal. It’s a milestone for me to play my 200th match with the National Team – I’m very happy and proud of this. It’s also important that we managed to earn a crucial victory which gives us a spot in the Final Four. Again our mindset was the most important. We wanted to start the match well and we did it. At the beginning of the first set we had a few problems, but then with better serving we managed to improve our block and counterattack and it made a difference.”

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  1. Like both teams. I think Bulgaria has really improved since last year. Slovenia is like night and day!!! Awesome performance!!! 👏💥🖖

  2. Haha I remember playing against the father of the Štern brothers. I was maybe 18-19. I've never seen the guy or heard of him. But he was that old strict dude, that every now and then would say something your way to get a reaction and I sure as hell would not back down and would start talking shit back. Well the guys that knew him told me to better stop the nonsense. Little did I know he used to do judo in the past….

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