SOFIA, BULGARIA | Back in Bulgaria, IVF update….

We are back in Bulgaria! And it feels great.
Join us this week as we lay out our plans for our time in Bulgaria and explain where we are with our IVF journey.

Thank you again for taking the time to tune in to our adventures. We really appreciate it. Loads more to come!

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  1. Highly recommend the less-known "Kontesa" Restaurant by Pirotska 78 Street in Sofia. Kinda hidden infront of the church in the park, but you will not regret it. Traditional, super tasty food. Simply Google its reviews.
    Welcome back to Bulgaria, love your accent.

  2. Good luck with your fertility treatment. Hope you get the result you want.
    We re moving to Bulgaria from Scotland hopefully. Fly to Sofia next Sunday. Judt for a few weeks unfortunately. X take care.

  3. Eeeeeeeeek sooooooooooooo excited for you both Romana and Ewan!!! Todos mis dedos están cruzado ❤️Giggling about the Sofia pronunciation, it’s about the same as my name, the struggles😂Take good care both of you, have an amazing time and I truly hope you get the outcome of your dreams🥰xx

  4. Hi Romana and Ewan! Glad to see you are back to Bulgaria and wishing you the best of luck in your fertility journey. As far as exploring in Bulgaria is concerned, I recommend you to go to Belogradchik, the Rila Monastery, Bozhentsi, Arbanasi, Ethera. Normally I would recommend the Seven Rila Lakes as the most beautiful place in Bulgaria but the season is not appropriate right now. You can also go to the Rhodope mountains, there are some small and picturesque villages and you can also visit a hotel with hot mineral springs.

  5. Guys! Loving watching through your recent vids and seeing the production value get better and better! Awesome stuff. Kiki and I wish you both the best luck in the world on your second Bulgarian adventure. Let's GO! X

  6. I highly recommend taking a day to visit the town of Gabrovo. It's very close to Veliko Turnovo but has far less international notoriety. The best feature is the big Humor Museum. Gabrovo is famous for its self-ironic stingy humor which is described as being close to Scottish humor.
    There is also the Etar complex outside of town which is meant to represent a typical 19th-century Bulgarian town, showcasing various crafting techniques from the time.
    And if you want to see a fully preserved 19-th century village, the village of Bozhentsi is also nearby.

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