SOFIA, BULGARIA | Vrana Palace & Park, Satsanga & The Little Things restaurants.

For our last day in Sofia we took advantage of the lovely weather and escaped the city centre for some time in nature.
Vrana Palace & Park may not be in the top list of tourist attractions in Sofia but we are glad we visited.
Satsanga is a cosy restaurant serving vegetarian and vegan dishes with a modern twist.
The perfect place to visit after receiving some not so great news that will affect our diets!
Lastly The Little Things is a cool restaurant located in the heart of Sofia’s city centre.

Satsanga – ul. “Georgi Benkovski” 8, 1000 Sofia

The Little Things – ul. “Tsar Ivan Shishman” 37, 1000 Sofia

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  1. I will sad something about the grass in Bulgaria. Our kind of grass witch growing here in Bulgaria is very different from the king with grow in UK. And is absolutely normal for the winter that doesn't have a green nature. Wait for the Summer or Spring. And another fact about our parks. We, the bulgarians love the original look of the nature because in the Bulgarian tradition the nature and specific the forest is a holy place. That's why we prefer to make our parks like a wild forest.

  2. Hi guys, another super vlog. So glad you got such good weather, Vrana Palace looked lovely and I bet the blooms look beautiful in the summer. The raspberry cake at Satsanga looked wonderful and the food at The Little Things looked super fresh and delicious. What a cute wee place it was. So glad you got all your footage back and can’t wait to see more of your Gran Canaria adventures. Have a great weekend and well done on an another wonderful video. You guys are amazing 🤩

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