Stuck in the middle of nowhere!? | Van Life Bulgaria | Driving Around The World | Vlog 23

I told Bradley nope…but he insisted! haha

This week we got to test out our new Wolf & Grizzly Fire Kit, and it was aweeesssomme. It was our first campfire of the trip and we absolutely love sitting around a fire with blankets, cooking up some food, and just chatting underneath the stars, so hopefully, we’ll get to use it a couple of more times on this trip!

We headed to the Rila Mountains and Monastry and it was so beautiful The autumn colours are in full bloom and the drives around the Rila Mountains is beyond epic.

We then headed up to see a few of the Seven Rila Lakes…honestly we underestimated how long it would be to visit them, and didn’t realise it was a full on hike……whoops, so we only did a short walk, but it was still beautiful!

Wild camping in Bulgaria has been awesome so far, and we try and stay in remote places, but that last place we stayed at was a little creepy, beautiful in daylight, but when dark, it’s the setting of a horror movie! haha

Hope you enjoyed this video, and we’ll see you in the next one…


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