Sunny Beach, BULGARIA! The IBIZA of the Black Sea! (2021 Tour)

Sunny Beach, BULGARIA! The IBIZA of the Black Sea! (2021 Tour)

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  1. Well I’m from Bulgaria and I’ve never been on holiday at Sunny Beach, it was always for party. It’s definitely not a place to chill out 😆

  2. IBIZA of the Balkans? As local that worked in Sunny Beach I can tell you that it is nothing compared to Ibiza. Just a trash complex with a lot of hotels and no parking spaces. People who work there usually try to scam every tourist out of their money. The alcohol there is low quality (even sometimes fake) for high price and also the prices of everything are absolutely huge. You can have a way better vacation if you just decide to skip Sunny Beach and go any other place on the seaside of Bulgaria.

  3. Sunny beach is actually popping the most on 1st of July and is famous amongst bulgarians for partying until the sun comes up on 1st of July so thats the day you should have visited but oh well hahah

  4. It was once, long ago, a beautiful place, but now, it is a shit hole where you can get cheap alcohol and vomit on the street alongside with Europe’s poorest tourists…enjoy

  5. You missed out on the best bar/coffees in Sunny Beach at the Condor '94, which is right next door to the new Flora Bar & Grill and a lot cheaper! You obviously got VIP treatment being served by the manager, who used to serve us in Lapa Lapa, another great restaurant!

  6. Love sunny beach , gotta be beach view room for me , stay Globus hotel 7 th floor balcony sea view room always enjoyed my stays , I love to read am happy sit all day with good book and watch the beach life , I buy standing fan and have next to me nice breeze , give fan house keeping when leave , always happy with small gift , leave money on bed every day for them as well , lovely people , am so sad not getting this year 😩😩 Have stayed other hotels but love sea view rooms🥰🥰

  7. Bulgaria 🇧🇬 sunny beach is top of the line /
    Do not cry on wayback , we are out of napkins 😭😭😭😭😭

  8. I've been binge watching the Bulgaria vlogs cz of homesickness too…but now I started from the beginning of your journey and religiously move my way up 🙈😂love you guys! 😘 If you ever think of visiting small Cyprus, let me know! Will be so happy to give tips and help you out

  9. OK, as someone who goes there pretty much every year I never knew this is called Flower street 🙂

    We all call it Kuban as the hotel there.

  10. Wow 👏 you are eaten so much food, I'm impressed 👏👌 and BG food is definitely delicious. I'm so happy you two like Sunny beach ⛱😍. It's very noisy here at night , I hope you'll be far , far away from bars 🍸but they it's everywhere 😄 , that's not place for relaxing. But you are so nice and kind people, like you so much 💗 and you never complain. We Bulgarians complain about almost everything 😂 ,but we are good people. Very good vacation and so interesting places you go and we see now in 2021 thanks to you 👍😀 . Good team 👏and I'm very proud of you guys (sorry for my English)
    Thanks again and be happy and be you 😘 so naturally sweet couple 💑💕❤

  11. is really nice and easy to say you can from Spain to celebrate is Bulgaria but also we are in the middle of June 2021 and it was seeing that Britain how long at welcome in Bulgaria Burgas or should I say sunny beaches which I find it very offensive the Bulgarian people are allowed to come to the UK free and easy I mean I'll be asked to put into quarantine no testing for covid-19 during their stay in the UK and also getting need to get this prices correct Scotland has got the biggest death rate not the UK Scotland is independent to the UK and also is Wales and Ireland this is going to cry to a problem in the political world and Bulgaria will suffer financially we will start looking at your neighbours that are not in effect offensive towards a Brits I'm working us with open arms we are all in the same boat as no one is right and no one is wrong

  12. Nice video Mate. Sunny Beach still has the party scene but it has been made much more civilised in recent years. The mayhem was getting out of control and families did not want to come so they cracked down a bit and it is now something one can escape, particularly if you do not want kids seeing certain behaviour.

  13. We love Sunny Beach. We've been three times and walked to Nessebar. Could can also get a noddy train, or a boat from the main strip, Nessebar is a lovely traditional town. I could almost smell that main strip !!!!

  14. Better than Ibiza! Ibiza was cheap in the 80/90, sex, drugs, and dirty Lolas and Manolos, etc.👿Sunny beach, very good! Good food, warm Water, safe, good for famílies, nice people! I loved it! Greetings from Portugal 💚❤️🇵🇹👍🏻🇧🇬

  15. The country has great potential, nature is one of the best in Europe, fruits and veggies taste heavenly, but is terribly mismanaged by a corrupt class. It's sad that a country that could be so great is dying out because of the mafia down there.

  16. The nature in Sunny Beach has been destroyed. Prices are very high. Sometimes the food is not delicious. It's nice up north. Balchik, Kavarna, Shabla. There is also nature. It doesn't work on Sunny Beach. Unfortunately

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