Bulgaria: The World's Fastest-Shrinking Country

Welcome to Altimir, Bulgaria, a village on the verge of extinction in the fastest-shrinking country in the world. With the lowest birth rates and the highest death rates the world, Bulgaria is at the front lines of population decline. Here’s what life is like inside a disappearing village haunted by the promises of communism and capitalism.… Continue reading Bulgaria: The World's Fastest-Shrinking Country

Bulgaria 8K HDR 60P (FUHD)

We were invited to Bulgaria by “Our Home is Bulgaria” to explore the country for the first time this year and it was an amazing experience to travel through this space with so much history and diverse landscapes. Some of the places we feature here are the Seven Rila Lakes, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Thracian Tomb… Continue reading Bulgaria 8K HDR 60P (FUHD)

15 Things You Didn't Know About Bulgaria

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Bulgaria| Travel Tuesdays SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: 15 Things About Sweden: In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions: Where is Bulgaria? When to visit Bulgaria? Is Bulgaria expensive? What can you do in Bulgaria? Who is the richest man in Bulgaria? What is Bulgaria famous for?… Continue reading 15 Things You Didn't Know About Bulgaria


Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | Check your local public television station for this Rick Steves’ Europe episode or watch it on Bulgaria, so mysterious to most Americans, has a vivid identity as a crossroads of the Balkans. We’ll trace the country’s complex history, from ancient Thracian tombs to medieval Orthodox Christian monasteries to Soviet… Continue reading Bulgaria

The Young Virgins at Bulgaria’s Controversial Bride Market

Every spring, the country’s 18,000-person Kalaidzhi Roma clan gathers in Stara Zagora for the controversial “bride market” where young virgins are paraded in front of suitors who bid on them. WATCH NEXT: Radical Life of The First Lady of New York: Subscribe here: Come find us: Broadly | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram… Continue reading The Young Virgins at Bulgaria’s Controversial Bride Market

Geography Now! Bulgaria

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