Kabantu – Kopanitsa (Bulgaria)

www.kabantu.com @kabantumusic www.facebook.com/kabantumusic Bulgarian traditional arranged by Kabantu (formerly Project Jam Sandwich). Recorded June 2016 at Colshaw Hall by Sam Gee. Filmed by Jonny Henson/Central Eyes Media. Violin – Katie Foster Cello – Abel Selaocoe Double bass – Ali McMath Guitar – Ben Sayah Percussion – Delia Stevens For more from Kabantu check out: Good… Continue reading Kabantu – Kopanitsa (Bulgaria)

Biz – Petrunko (Bulgarian Trap)

Yes, this is exact Petrunko sampled by D Smoke & Snoop Dogg in track called Gaspar Yanga. Bre Petrunko is best bulgarian trap music track by russian EDM music producer BIZ (@Biz Production )published on Arabic Trap جبهة العربية music channel. Song is based on ethnic bulgarian chant choir song “bre petrunko”, to show the… Continue reading Biz – Petrunko (Bulgarian Trap)

Bulgaria – The Most Beautiful Place In The World

In This Video: 1. Nikola Iliev – klarinet(Traditional Bulgarian music) 2. Theodosii Spassov – kaval(Traditional Bulgarian music) 3. Rufinka bolna legnala – Bulgarian traditional song 4. This is Bulgaria – Ernst Sasse movie