The BEST Bulgarian Split Squat Tutorial

How to bulgarian split squat collab with JPG Coaching.

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  1. This is amazing. I always feel awkward using the bench, felt too high. Going to try the plates tonight!

  2. I noticed that you're initiating hip abduction for the knees to be in line with the foot like in a squat. Should this be emphasized with Bulgarian squats as well?

  3. Gotta make sure to breathe as well. First time I did them I almost passed out because I wasn’t breathing properly

  4. No matter what I do I lose balance with this one. But it's the best way to hit my quads so I just use one arm to stabilize myself on a wall or something.

  5. Me and a buddy have now swore off this exercise he tore his quad and i messed both knees up doing these with 50lb dumbells which i didnt think was a lot but sorry we are never doing these again. Both experienced lifters.

  6. Bro hearing the term “movement optimization” just blew my mind. This is the type of stuff I struggle with so much.

    Not sure how common this is but my body seems to be really dumb. Like I need to understand mentally what muscle group I should use with certain exercises so I can avoid hurting myself.

  7. Thank you! Also being “vertically challenged” I struggled so much with balance when using the bench to put my back foot on. Thanks for the tips

  8. Biggest problem I see with most people is the back leg not internally rotating when descending. The squat cue to externally rotate your legs has made it a habit for most people to do that with all lifts. If the back leg stays externally rotated during descent you’ll lose your balance.

  9. I have shooting pain when I do the right side in deep glute/ high hamstring. Anyone experienced this? I can still squat fine!

  10. I need help. my elbow is crackly . I can crack it 50 time in a row. Normally without pain but it feels weird.

  11. Recently, I’ve been getting a ton of adductor involvement during my BSS, to the point of limiting what I can do due to pain (and I think leading to an adductor strain). I’ve messed around with different rear foot heights, front foot positions, and even lightened the weight, but I still am limited by adductors. Do you know what might be going on? I don’t have issues on any other bilateral or unilateral movement pattern.

  12. Love your vids! Can you do please do a video on BSS form geared towards maximal glute hypertrophy? <3

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