The dangers of visiting Bulgaria

Recently me and my friends met up in Sunny Beach Bulgaria for a lads holiday, it was an experience I did not enjoy at all. And in this video, I will explain to you why.

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  1. In the 90's was terrific. I'm from Sofia and always going on the south beach side like Sozopol, sometimes with a tent on Primorsko:) What memories…

  2. I was living in Turkey a month ago and i needed to get back to the UK but because of the Virus i had to quarantine in a green country for 10 days before i could fly back so i arrived in burges or whatever at 2AM in the morning with no info about my hotel at all, Everybody was fucking rude and the only people i was with was some homeless people sleeping in this park, This taxi driver asked if i wanted a ride so i said yes and i got on, It took 2 hours so i knew it was gonna be expensive but this dickhead kept secretly adding more money onto the machine so i exposed him and he tryed to change the subject, He took longer routes and went the wrong way on purpose, I have nothing against the country but its SO dodgy.

  3. When poor people travel the world the realize that it is not pretty at all…..the world is full of shit for shitty travelar

  4. first of all Sunny beach or any resort on the black sea is not the real Bulgaria. these are totaly different. even that trash food what you eat is not Bulgarian.

  5. Your describtion is perfect. The only up is that it's cheap for tourists, but because of that only the chavs visit there. We hated it.
    The locals never crack a smile, never, they hate tourists.

  6. As an American who went in 2020. I found it disappointing in a way. I didn't go to sunny Beach though. I've been to Russia several times. I thought I'd mix it up and try a different Slavic. Seems like more of a get drunk and go to a beach kinda place. I'll check out Mexico if I'm going for that.

  7. The only thing i could say is "you get what you paid for"! There are plenty of great 5 star hotels over there. As i can see, the accomodation you payed for is more of a family hotels, as they are more affordable! Then you go to buy a burger for dinner! Plenty of great bulgarian restaurants…. An avarage cost of 15 pounds would get you a really good meal. Stop talking bollocks as i said you got what you paid for! Research next time!!!!

  8. Bro I’m Bulgarian and I’m telling you never ever go to Sunny beach it’s a lot of jipcise that scam your money and rob you go to montana or kiten those are good beaches in kiten you can hear wails in the distance

  9. The summary of this video is basically this;
    A couple of beta virgin incels went to Bulgaria thinking that just because they're Brits, women would throw themselves at them, only to realise that no one likes beta virgin incels. Also, next time try to respect people's property and by the way; Most of them are DTF, but not with you. Next time go to Thailand. Maybe there they'll be happy to get paid to take your virginity.

  10. Come on bro rename this to Dangers of visiting Sunny beach
    Thats litteraly the shithole of Bulgaria
    ps Gorbachov 😀 😀

  11. By far the first block to ever be genuine down earth and reliable. Kudos to you for Manhattan New York City.

  12. GEORGIEN ist eine echte und gute Alternative zu Bulgarien oder Rumänien. Es ist nördlich von der Türkei und am Schwarzen Meer gelegen. Die Menschen sind sehr gastfreundlich, die Lebenserhaltungskosten superbillig, keine Kriminalität oder Korruption, leckeres gesundes Essen und ursprüngliche Natur, Firmengründungen einfach und schnell, private billige Gesundheitsversicherung, deutsche Clubs, Lokale, Cafes, Restaurants und Community, Immobililenpreise niedrig, Mieten sehr günstig. Wir helfen Ihnen kostenlos beim Auswandern und betreiben ab März 2021 in der Landeshauptstadt Tiflis auch eine neuartige CoLiving & CoWorking Hotel-Wohngemeinschaft, wo eine Suite 299 Euro/Monat kostet, all-in. Infos und Newsletter: FaceBook:

  13. There are scammers everywhere but bulgaria is not dangerous as many other places.. still alright.

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