The Definitive History of The Arsenal Bulgaria AK47 (Episode II: 2004-2017)

This video series has been in the works for quite some time now. In it we discuss the history of the Bulgarian Arsenal AD (circle10) AK47 variants here in the USA.
In part 2, We dig into the company’s signature AKs; those built on a milled receiver. We discuss both those assembled in the USA by Arsenal Inc. from Bulgarian parts sets, along with the more recent Arsenal AD Bulgarian imports.
Additionally, we cover the newer stamped receiver offerings, which are also built over in Bulgaria.

Featured rifles include: SA M-7, SAS M-7, SA M-7A1, SAS M-7A1, SA M-7SF, SA M-7SFC, SA M-7SFK, SA RPK-3, SLR-101S, SAM7R, SAM7SF, SAM7UF, SAM7K, SLR-106U, SLR-104UR, SLR-104FR, and SLR-107R.

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