The Definitive History of The Arsenal Bulgaria AK47 (Episode II: 2004-2017)

This video series has been in the works for quite some time now. In it we discuss the history of the Bulgarian Arsenal AD (circle10) AK47 variants here in the USA.
In part 2, We dig into the company’s signature AKs; those built on a milled receiver. We discuss both those assembled in the USA by Arsenal Inc. from Bulgarian parts sets, along with the more recent Arsenal AD Bulgarian imports.
Additionally, we cover the newer stamped receiver offerings, which are also built over in Bulgaria.

Featured rifles include: SA M-7, SAS M-7, SA M-7A1, SAS M-7A1, SA M-7SF, SA M-7SFC, SA M-7SFK, SA RPK-3, SLR-101S, SAM7R, SAM7SF, SAM7UF, SAM7K, SLR-106U, SLR-104UR, SLR-104FR, and SLR-107R.

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  1. @Mishaco

    Have you ever bought a replacement Carrier? The part listed in the manual (which the company stands by) is the FA one with the trip tab on the rear right side of the carrier!

    Problem is, adjacent from the ejector rail, the right side of the receiver has "unmilled material" between the upper and lower rail on the front half, and that protruding "trip tab" on the carrier crashes into it and will not allow the bolt to go into battery by maybe 1/8" inch or so…

    It can be hacked off as some have done crudely, but due to their mistake, I feel a replacement should be given by them of a true S/A one such as what comes in them.

    (the factory ones have tooling marks where the auto Trip was removed cleanly)

    Having to bicker with them on how it is NOT the proper part (AK-046B) and hopefully after pics they'll come to their senses (and revise the manual) and hopefully replace it as I don't want to hack away at a good part.

    Was told by a credible person that the older Bulgy receivers from the 00's (or maybe the US receivers) were FULLY MILLED in that area and that they never revised the manual.

    Any thoughts or verification? Especially if you own older examples prior to the Bulgy SAM7R coming out (after first being the 101s)

  2. They should've incorporated the folding mechanism of the Sam7 SF into the receiver like a stamped side folder, Instead they designed a 'Hokie' receiver extension thats riveted to the receiver then rivets ground off and painted over to hide the rivets, I would consider Arsenals for the most part a 'Ok' rifle, The 7.62×39's use alot of smaller 5.45×39 components, Not even close to the build quality of a Russian AK/AKM

  3. i have an slr 107-fr i got in 2012 is it a good one? i heard the 107 had recoil reduction is that true?

  4. Dude I cannot figure out how to set up those new Bulgarian adjustable sling that you have on the sam7sf, any help possibly? Thanks misha

  5. can you please help me to understand the serial# on my Bulgarian ISD/ armory USA SSR-85C-2
    It looks like B 2004 . . . . 30
    im assuming its a 2004 model on the 1.6mm reciever built in Bulgaria with Arsenal parts, imported to armory USA, as single stack and milled to Double stack, and though like no videos on them, people say that there amazing, and the reciever could be some of the very best! what do you think sir???
    Thank you and have a great day!

  6. Would you be able to answer me a question about a SAM7R I purchased a few weeks ago. Since day one when I load a magazine into it and pull the charging handle back it will not release forward on its own, I have to physically push the charging handle forward to chamber a round. I’ve shot shot about 400 rounds through it and still the problem persists, have not had any issues with the gun firing though, I’m using P mags in the gun with standard Wolf ammo.

  7. Great series on Arsenal! I'm tormented though knowing you have at least another hour of engaging material you left out.

  8. I enjoy your videos tremendously! I’ve leaned so much from watching you. Thank you for your time and efforts.

  9. I like the handguards you have on your Sam 7 that you showed in your top 6. Are those easily attainable ?

  10. It's actually a well known fact that the sam7 sf 84r w quad rail is the best gun ever made.
    BEST…. FACT!!!!

  11. I'm looking to buy the Sam 7sf what do you think…I can get it for 1399 is it worth the money….

  12. Love the review and history lesson. I watched both parts this evening as I love the Bulgarian Kalashnikovs.

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