The most beautiful place in BULGARIA! – Vacha dam (We got chased by dogs on top of the mountain!)

The most beautiful place in Bulgaria – for everyone that would be something different. For me, Vacha dam is one of the best views in the Rhodope mountains as well as in Bulgaria. If you are visiting Bulgaria 2021 and you would like to explore Bulgarian mountains, this could be a beautiful addition for your trip.

The eco trail we took is called “Chilingira” and it starts opposite “Chilingira” restaurant, so it’s pretty easy to find. As shared in the video, it’s best to walk up to the tree on the hill where you can see the view over both sides of the dam and then head back to avoid being chased by dogs like we were!

Don’t forget – Leave only footprints, take only memories!



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  2. If you didn't tell me where this was, I would have said Asia! So beautiful and accessible rn!

  3. greetings from lca! thank you for sharing the vacha dam! the drone shots look amazing and I can't wait to see what other amazing content you have planned.

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