The Only Way You Should Be Doing Bulgarian Split Squats! (BUTT GROWTH)

The Bulgarian Split Squat is a GREAT exercise to grow your butt. Doing these correctly to target the butt can be difficult though. Adam explains the correct way to achieve maximum butt growth in this video.

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  1. Thank you for showing me all of the things I’m doing wrong. I have a significantly weaker leg on one side due to a muscular condition but this exercise is very difficult. I am going to start doing this correctly then progress it

  2. I love your channel so much never stop you deserve more views especially with how knowledgeable you are vs people that say “workouts to look like me!” And then just have the names of the workouts…and no how-to.

  3. Another thing worth pointing out is to keep the lower front leg relatively still during the movement. Surprisingly I find pushing with the back heel against the narrow side of a bench engages the hamstrings too. Can be performed with a park bench as well

  4. Thanks. Glute day is tmrw; I'll be practicing these techniques. i feel it more in my quads and hip flexors so this video will really help!

  5. A day after doing these with my leg day workout my glutes, hamstrings, and quads are so sore they literally hurt and after practice it just hurts to move them

  6. Bruhhhh. Doing these on the leg extension cushions is a game changer. Was awkward as shit on the bench and I hated doing these

  7. This was very helpful! This exercise is part of my running strength workout.

    The bench I was using was much too high and I had no idea. Also, the tip at the end about not letting the knee go inward is something I need keep in mind.

  8. Great video! I had bad pain in my hip flexor. I am 5'10 and had my foot up too high, I thought I needed to put my foot up higher

  9. you talk about pain in the knees caused by the knee at the front collapsing in, however i’m experiencing an ache in my knee of the leg on the bench? feels like a dull ache that gets progressively worse with each rep, i’m using no weights. what could this be? i also experience knee pain doing lunges, i don’t want to cut these exercises out as they are great for growing glutes however i don’t want to aggravate my knees and at the moment all these exercises are doing exactly that, i feel nothing in the glutes and only painful knees. HELP!!!

  10. Have always hated doing BSS's as tended to feel a lot of tension in my trailing leg, so when it came to switch that leg was already knackered! Having watched this video, it's so obvious that having the trailing leg too high is the worst thing you can do e.g. putting it on a bench. Have changed my form and it's a HUGE difference! Thanks for the advice.

  11. I do it for the quad myself a forward lean that way I hit more booty and get the benefits of knee health.
    (Athletic based) I also don't go too heavy because I'm doing it to get my body use to moving a load as quick as possible. (3sets of 6)

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