The truth about living in Bulgaria | American's point of view (funny)

The truth about living in Bulgaria | An American’s point of view (funny)

American reacts to life in Bulgaria.

A U.S. foreigner’s view on living in Bulgaria (Bulgarian food, culture, lifestyle, language, first impressions, etc.) Living in Bulgaria vs living in the USA.

Comment below things you love about life in Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Sliven, Dobrich, Shumen, etc.)!

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  1. Each person has 3 names. Almost like every American. But instead of a second random name, we get the name of our fathers.

  2. Two small corrections- The alphabet is indeed cyrilic but not Russian. It’s a BULGARIAN alphabet, invented here in the 9th century, and the Russians have adopted it from us several centuries afterwards. And second – we have freed from the Ottoman Empire in 1878, long before the WW I started.

    This is an awesome video!

    Duuude, this was funny 😄 I have always wondered how a foreigner would experience the taste of the boza. It’s not as green as it is brown/grey, and that’s the thing – hard to define what the hell is this. We even have it as an expression, that’s how we refer everything unsatisfying – “How was the movie/event/birthday party/or whatever? – Oh, It was a complete boza, I’m glad I had to leave!” You can use the boza comparison in a wide range of situations. My point is that we have an insight about it, haha ! Our feelings towards it are ambivalent though- gross and swampy thing, but our gross and swampy thing. As a literal beverage we’ve been exposed to it since early childhood so it’s not weird at all for us and we predominantly like it.. the way one loves his very very very stupid dog, for example. But I can only imagine how troubled an innocent foreigner might feel upon first trying.

    I don’t know how much time you’ve spent around here but the way you explained the additional negatives and the way they are expressed in Bulgarian, reveals deep understanding of our mindset and language. I would say – disturbingly deep understanding. Like you have been trained and prepared for years to infiltrate among us by your intelligence. So I congratulate you for that, I didn’t see it coming and I am amazed. Наздраве 😉

    Brilliant video, I love it !

  3. Bulgaria is cool just don't say that cyrillic alphabet is Russian coming from a Bulgar otherwise you will lose a couple of teeth

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience! Wondering if you were in peace corp? It's seems that you had spent time in the country sites?

  5. I had an american friend living in my hometown and he gave cool names to foods like: salty-balls (milinki), chocolete-Milk (boza), banica-bread and so much others 😆 It was fun time, I miss him a lot.

  6. WTF bro FFS u totally get it all … even ur pronunciation sounds so bulgarian its very rare american guy get this shit mostly cuz the lower educational standards in US u look smart guy i bet ur parents put a ton of gold in ur education ^^

  7. It’s cool to hear someone from the Western world share their view about Bulgaria! I as a Bulgarian who has spent almost half of his life abroad, completely understand your point of view, even though I believe that you are still a bit confused about some of the things you explained in this video… For example, we do not like hot things in the summer when it is hot outside. The not drinking our beverages with a full glass of ice is a rather European thing and not just common to Bulgaria. Parents, especially mothers, would try to discourage their kids from cold drinks or ice cream in the winter, for fear of their children getting a cold, but not really in the summer. Of course, there could be some over caring mothers out there, but it is not a common thing. Now, when it comes to Boza, Airyan and Tarator, you either love it or hate it from the first try… If you were born and raised in Bulgaria, then you are in the minority if you do not love these things. Other than that, I heard you mention something we use against hangover… The most common of those is Tripe soup! However, we have also discovered that one of the very few things that one’s stomach can tolerate when hung over is Yoghurt! Anyway, I had fun watching your video and will give it thumbs up!

  8. Hahah love this video 😂😂😂😂 ive been here for 3 years and can relate to some of these 😂😂

  9. How is this so difficult to understand there is a basic rule we have always only 3 names: 1 Svetlana (own name) 2 Georgieva (father’s Georgi + female ending) Georgieva (family name + female ending) + pls. Never ever say „russian“ alphabet It’s Cyrillic alphabet (ordered by the Bulgarian zar and created by Greek schollers and brothers Cyril and Methodii, it even has its own celebration day 24th of may)

  10. The moment you run through your capital sofia in the late summer and smell the burned papricas….
    Thats home!

  11. My neighbor Miroslav is Bulgarian and he always tells me interesting stories from his childhood. He always gives my family food he makes when he has extra. I’ve already had his cucumber soup and tripe soup. Tripe soup was a little hard to swallow but I ate all of it. Good taste but it’s got a very squishy texture

  12. I actually like the Bulgarian language and it doesn’t sound harsh. It is softer than Spanish. I think it is a beautiful language.

  13. Oh boy! I was laughing so hard while listening to him. I found his POV so funny. Definitely some culture shock for him there.

  14. My father told me that Bulgaria is one of the best places to retire to because of how cheap and easy it is to live there

  15. I definitely disagree with the statement that people in Bulgaria are drinking cold drinks in the winter and hot during the summer! I wonder which year were you in Bulgaria? Cause it sounds to me like you were there maybe 10 years ago? 🤣 Boza is definitely not for everyone, however Bulgarian cuisine is just so much more than Banitsa, boza and Kiselo mliako! If you sit on the cold floor or whatever most likely the grandmas are gonna come tell you to get up but the young people won’t care at all! And shopska salad is the most traditional Bulgarian salad and it’s way more than just cucumbers and every one from overseas loves it!

  16. Thanks for honest evaluation! Nomad here in Medellin for 3 years looking for new adventure. I think I will pass on this for the time being!

  17. It's amazing to compare how different people have different perceptions. I'm aware of everything he is talking about yet I have probably drank Juice from Kiselo Zele twice in my life. But I gotta say he definitely was around some elderly people from the way he was speaking about things 🙂

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