Trapped In Bulgaria: Europe Or Die

Since 2000, more than 27,000 migrants and refugees have died attempting the perilous journey to Europe. With an unprecedented number of people breaking through its heavily barricaded borders in 2014, the EU continues to fortify its frontiers.

In episode three of Europe or Die, VICE News correspondent Milène Larsson visits Bulgaria to see Europe’s newest border fence and speaks to Syrians who, because of the EU’s Dublin Regulation, are trapped in one of Europe’s poorest countries.

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  1. I find it difficult to watch this for a number of reasons. I can, of course, sympathise with the refugees from Syria, That said I am a UK citizen that has made Bulgaria their new home and the conditions I see in the camps are no better than the Roma in Bulgaria and even a lot of the elderly poor Bulgarians.

    The Roma get really annoyed with the treatment of refugees, as they believe they are new comers and are treated better than them, and they have been in BG for centuries.

    It is a difficult situation to manage but it has to be made clear that the hardship of the camps is reflected outside the camps, throughout the country.

    The main cities of Bulgaria are developing wealth and higher wages but the rural population are still struggling to live.

  2. why should Bulgaria have to take care of refugees? Bulgaria was never a colonial power. Countries like Japan and South Korea and saudi arabia need to be doing mkre

  3. And wtf no one tread you like a criminals just thid is our nation's our rules,how i see u can't even follow them well what kind of attitude u want from us,u run from YOUR contrey and come to us u follow the rules not to do what u want

  4. Why would be able to chose which country you are taken in? This is not a buffet, first of all you shouldn’t be that far from your country if you’re fleeing war, at most the countries next to yours

  5. 2:02 He said: And that's roughly 85 percent of the people who crossed the border
    He said nothing about it being illegal or not. It is illegal but he did not say it like that

  6. The Dublin law is not a choice for a nation, its a requirement for a EU nation so there is no reason to point fingers for that.
    Also Bulgaria is a post soviet nation with horrible infrastructure because of that.

  7. As i went through all the comments I found sth about bulgarian people which is called HEARTLESS. I’ve been to their border once, the border police aren’t keeping the border safe from refugees, as I experienced and saw how much they are hungry for refugees belongings. They took our money, cell phones, clothes even our bread and ready-foods. So about this documentary there’s nothing left to know bulgarian people and their history. They don’t even have a history.
    Well done goes to the reporter !

  8. the comment section has some of the most shameful excuses of human beings out there…shame on you for turning down those people, how much of your collective wealth was due to colonisation, slavery, unfair trade practices that still continue to this day? if you have no humanity left then at least accept them as pay back as a form of reparation to their ancestors… know your history before you turn down people in despair and destitution .
    Capitalism in its current form encourages "discovery" era bloody financial gains to circulate in western civilisation, our lack of wealth is a major factor in poor education allowing terrorists and islamic right wing to prevail…your industrial revolution have been diminishing the planet's atmosphere and affecting rainfall….please be considerate to these people and look at them as individuals no different than your own neighbour.

  9. They come here illegally and that is no joke. I do not think that the conditions are worse than Greece, Italy or any other country that is facing a migration wave. The problem with these people is that they are not seeking save place, they are seeking government assistance that very limited number of countries in Europe can provide. They will not find it in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania. And no, we are not the poorest country in Europe but we can not provide a lot for these people. If they are educated and decent people, they will find the way to live good life.

  10. Bulgaria has done way more than they should have, they need to push em farther back then just the turkish EU border. The EU is the worst they are delusional and are gonna lead to the end of europe.

  11. The arrogance tho
    They escape death in war-ridden countries by illegally entering Europe and then complain that the conditions back home were better
    …well then go back!

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