Treaty of Neuilly – A National Catastrophe for Bulgaria? I THE GREAT WAR 1919

The Treaty of Neuilly is one of the lesser known Peace Treaties after the First World War. It codified the peace between Bulgaria, one of the Central Powers, and its neighbors who all had territorial claims.

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  2. So, in summary, every time I cross the border to go the Mediterranean or to Ohrid ans Skopie I have to thank the French and British diplomats for thinking for us. Isn't it very nice?

  3. So they did similar things with Bulgaria as with Hungary. They stole lands from a not even defeated country, and Romanians and Serbians also convinced the world that Bulgaria was evil with its minorities… Sounds familiar…

  4. This is not a treaty, this is a robbery, we won't forget and we won't forgive. We fought bravely and beaten up every man that came in front of us. The biggest disaster of the british army was on Doiran. България пак ще бъде цяла! 🇧🇬🇲🇰☦🦁❤

  5. Let’s be honest Bulgária s treaty was less harsh then other s treaty’s and they started complaining?
    Ngl it is a bit unfair to complain a peace treaty that’s gonna just take some small bits of land

  6. Glory to the Great Macedonian Leader of VMRO – Todor Alexandrov. Long live united and liberated Macedonian Country and Macedonian People!

  7. 2:38 Bulgaria has NEVER committed atrocities!! There are recordings of Bulgarian army in Ochrid (today macedonia) where people were throwing flowers and welcoming the Bulgarian army who has freed the Bulgarian land occupied by serbia in the first and second Balkan war!!!

  8. Bulgaria carried Terrorist attacks? America carries Terrorist attacks day to day where is the outburst?

  9. Well, the Bulgarian claim on northern Macedonia was much more legit than the ones of Serbia or Greece. Their claims resulted from historical borders long ago. While most the population of this region did speak Bulgarian. The Macedonian nationality and ethnicity was made up much later during Titos Yugoslavia.
    Wilsons promise was one of the biggest jokes in history.

  10. Funny thing how Bulgarians, Hungarians and others who had teritorial claims or held territories that were NOT inhabited by their nationals after the war clinged to "self determination" which they didnt allow to others while they were in position of power…

  11. There is no Vardar Macedonia. Jeez you Westerners stop using our Macedonia's name for the area Bulgarians deliberately decided to call so!!! We Greeks haven't gone extinct yet, to consider the populations and names of the area replaced as it haooened with the barbarian western lands after the Fall of the Western Roman Empire. Stop it damn it!

  12. ☦️✝️🇦🇱❤️🇧🇬☦️ we will split monkeydonia and get our lands back we get western bit you guys get eastern

  13. Great video very well done. The only thing I didn't appreciate too much is using pictures of Turkish and Roma peasants & refugees (even soldiers 13:28 ) and presenting them as Bulgarians.

  14. That is absurd – Bulgarian soldiers never committed authorities, and it was proven by the Carnegie committee, which had the task of activity determining the authorities.

  15. I find it qute annoying that I understand my own history better when it has been presented in this way when compared to all the extremely uninterresting and quite dry history classes i had in highschool….

  16. Bulgaria in that time is a national-fashist state sponzored bu Germans and Austria and have LOST THE WAR.

  17. Bulgaria and Greece never existed as countries in the past and the Roman Empire never recognized a state of the Vlacho-Bulgar tribes not that they are related to the population of Bulgaria. Turkey should take Bulgaria and Greece and should make a new Turkish Empire there are many Turks in Greece and Bulgaria.

  18. Macedonia has always been a death for its conquerors. Turks, Bulgarians, Serbs, Greeks, Albanians … MACEDONIA TO THE MACEDONIANS

  19. Ammmm as a bulgarian i MUST say some of what is said in the video is not true! Especially considering the so-called bulgarian "atrocities"! Whatever WE ever did is in response to what Greece and Serbia did to us! And we've NEVER gone too far! BULGARIA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT BORDERS ITSELF IN EVERY DIRECTION! TURKEY, GREECE, SERBIA AND ROMANIA HAVE ALL OCCUPIED BULGARIAN LAND UNLAWFULLY (MACEDONIA IS NOT A COUNTRY BUT A BULGARIAN PROVINCE)!

  20. Interesting tour into the mindset of the politicians of the day, many treating peace negotiations as an opportunity to fix the starting positions of the NEXT war, instead of how to establish a future of amiable relations…

  21. hey, those guys fought in like 5,6 big wars in the past 100 years let tear them up eh? Oh and don`t forget to put some jokes in the treaty

  22. if you want to see a National Catastrophe, you sould look at Hungary. What happend to Bulgaria was ok for a Nation that lost the war.

  23. If you notice. Most of the "Evil" men in the world, at this time, wear mustaches or beards. Maybe shaving was brought about by women, who hoped chopping off those feted hairs, would bring about world peace…

    Really, just about every one of the "Evil Dictators" have mustaches or beards…

  24. ‘Greece dreamed of acquiring areas’!!?? Really? South Bulgaria – Eastern Rummelia was inhabited predominantly by Greeks, whose population was only dropped after Bulgarian purges.

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