1. Thanks you liking my comment! I love you Bella, you are very talented. Alam mo ba ang laking tulong ng mga youtube videos mo habang nag exercise ako. Nakakaadik ang boses mo dai! More powers to you.

  2. Bella Santiago I hope you realize that now is the time to make more kids. Don't wait too long.! You've been with your husband for some years. I thought you will have children by now. Is true they come when they come but feel open to this idea. Children are blessings from God! Good luck with that! Your children will be so beautiful like you and your husband. They are the product of your Love! God bless you! Love you!

  3. parang naki bakasyon na din ako sa inyo. ang saya saya ng bondings niyo. More powers to you Bella. Ikaw talaga ang pinapanood ko pa noon pang nasa Taiwan ka pa yata. I am so proud of you, ang layo na ng iyong narating. Love from Florida.

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