Varna Bulgaria, Street Food Pt1 (Chef's Street Market)

Varna Bulgaria has many places all over the city where you can get street food to go, thats why I’m making this 2 videos to show you what street food is available when you visit Varna.

The first video is a look into one of the street food Festivals Varna has throughout the year. Though the food on this festival is not typical Bulgarian food, it is done with a Bulgarian chef style.

As the food festivals are not constantly there if you visit Varna it may or not be there, there are around 4 street food festivals in Varna throughout the year so I suggest if you are there to go on the Visit Varna website and check if there is one on at the time you are there.

If you are unlucky and there is not one on then you’ll just have to look at Part two of these videos (coming soon) which will show you the street food that is always available in Varna….which is definitely more like typical Bulgarian Food style.

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  1. When promoting street food, please please make sure you show the foods you are eating. Your Bulgarian is good….

  2. Im starving midnight watching you chef haha. Wow you speak very good Bulgarian already. The pasta seems so great..

  3. Yup, he did his time, but he has a good spirit about him, -still.
    Anyway, I will pass through as it looks really good. Was, or is there any nice slow-cooked braised type dishes going on? Cheers

  4. A really nice piece of cooking going on. Looks good. When I get there I will check the place out. Cleary a very experienced chef still on that stove grinding out bless him lol.

  5. You made my day!!! I saw you have been already offered a beer, however, if we ever meet you got a drink on me too! If you ever have chance visit Karlovo with the cities around (in aproximatley 50km you will find Sopot, Kalofer, Kazanlak, where is the Rose Valey and a lot of historical mouseums), and do check the little secret villages like Chiflika, where the mountains are hiding hot water pools!!!

  6. We do our own English street food at Chukovo dryanovo gabrovo region Bulgaria, find us on Google maps. Fab video by the way

  7. Hamburgers and pasta American and Italian…..what's Bulgarian about it….your a chef Gareth, it's all very well promoting the beauty and authenticity of BG but don't be fooled by cheap culinary trickery…

  8. To say “ thank you” seems insufficient. Your videos, how you interact with everyone, your insights and advise is invaluable. I can’t wait to visit Bulgaria. Should we ever meet, the beers are on me my friend!👍🤞🍻🍻🍻

  9. If I'm travelling in Bulgaria I prefer traditional local food, some days start with a vitabanitza and a coffee on my way, offers to have some nice buffalo yoghurt with honey and fresh fruits in the summer on the balcony.
    With friends I prefer to enjoy the great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in the streets or small markets and cook and bake for them.

  10. If I'm alone I like street food. If I'm in company I like both street and restaurant, but street is usually better value. I'm a bit of a cheap skate. Food quality is important but surroundings aren't.

  11. Carbonara is made with guanciale or panchetta,but the dish was pretty authentic.
    I don’t know about the shunka or ham and pesto,but like i said… not a bad effort

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