Victoria – Tears Getting Sober – Bulgaria 🇧🇬 – Official Music Video – Eurovision 2020

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Victoria will represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam with the song Tears Getting Sober.



Music & Lyrics: Borislav Milanov, Victoria Georgieva, Lukas Oscar Janisch, Cornelia Wiebols

Video Credits:
Produced By Ligna Studios
Producer – Genoveva Christova
Producer – Rosen Savkov
Production Company – Four Elementz
Executive Producer – Samuil Djoganov
Executive Producer – Lyubo Yonchev

Directed By
Victoria Karakoleva And Victoria Georgieva

Creative By
Victoria Georgieva And Victoria Karakoleva

Director Of Photography – Rosen Savkov

Production Designer – Kristian Lekov
Set Dresser – Dobromir Tanev
Set Dresser – Georgi Petkov
Stylist – Grozdan Mihaylov
Hair Stylist – Zdravko Kumanov
Makeup Artist – Nikola Ivanov
Movement Coach – Elena Kolarova
Production Photographer – Lora Musheva

1ac – Emilian Atanasov
2ac – Kaloyan Ignatov
Gaffer – Manol Mitrev
Electrician – Penko Ivanov
Grip – Martin Yakoimov
Key Grip – Alexander Petrov

Sfx Supervisor – Velizar Djabrailov
Sfx – Andrei Gulyashki
Sfx – Eleanak Krosneva
Prosthetic Artist – Lyudmil Nikolov
Movi Xl Technician – Ivan Blagoev
Location – Cinemotion

1st Ad – Philip Andreev
Script Supervisor – Diko Boutchoukov
Organizer – Miglena Savkova
Production Assistant – Anastas Shipkov
Production Assisatnt – Rosen Tihov
Production Assistant – Nikolay Tsvetkov

Post Production – Studio Blend / D-Attic
SGI – Janeta Peneva And Tihomir Rusanov
Color Grading – Mihail Kostantinov

Additional Song Credits:

Cello: Magdalena Petrovich
Flügelhorn: Aleksander Wladigerov
Mixed: David Bronner
Master: Zino Mikorey
Recorded by: Ivan Boshev, Borislav Milanov, Jivko Daskalov, Fredrik Toremark

Conductor Orchestra: Vladimir Djambazov

Orchestral Scores: David Bronner, Dorothee Freiberger,Borislav

A collaboration of Ligna Studios and Symphonix International


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  1. idk why but when i heard this song i got goosebumps 🙂 . This masterpiece is really touch to my emotion, is so soft and beautiful. I love this song so much
    Love from Vietnam

  2. Victoria,the songs Tears getting sober and Growing up is getting old are very very beautiful.

  3. Maybe next time try to be original, instead of copying Billie.. Even your songs on Spotify are written the way hers are. Everything is with lowercase letters and then there is one (UGLY CRY) that’s written with capital letters the way COPYCAT is.. it’s a bit too obvious that you’re trying to be her..

  4. You have an amazing talent for singing. This song is relaxed and catchy and perfect for quieting down when I was sad to listen to it at times. Grow and keep creating!
    You're gorgeous, remember! ❤

  5. 0-0 I haven’t wrote the lyrics for this song yet. (It’s become a hobby of mine to writhe the lyrics for all good esc songs. There is no reason for it :))



    Great, feel my head is taking over me
    Ten déjà vus a day
    And each time I'm getting colder
    Pain, I should let it go

    Your lies burn like sugar in my wounds
    In time my wound will be a scar

    Strained, but my tears are getting sober now
    And I've been here before so
    Weight that I'm holding on my shoulders
    I'm gonna let it go

    This is my first time trying
    Look how the tables turn
    I've got this dirt inside me
    I've got some space to grow

    Your lies burn like sugar in my wounds
    So I have sweet bruises
    In time I'll forget what you have done
    In time my wound will be a scar

    My pain will soon be over
    Oh, how the tables turn
    Tears are getting sober
    I've got some space to grow

    Your lies burn like sugar in my wounds
    So I have sweet bruises
    In time I'll forget what you have done
    In time my wound will be a scar

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