Waterslides at Aquapark Nessebar in Bulgaria

Aquapark Nessebar – The Park with the greatest variety of water attractions in Europe!

Each millimeter here has been designed and constructed in accordance with the highest standards for safety, with thought and attention to the minutest detail, in order to inspire you to embark on an unforgettable vortex of emotions: from adrenaline rush to complete relaxation.

Here, amongst beautiful oases of natural greenery, you will find incredible diversity of slides, pools, rivers and endless opportunities. You can relax completely, retreat in a gazebo, enjoy delicious food or drink, or become a part of a memorable event and have the time of your life each and every second of your visit.

In the summer of 2021, with the further extension of the park, two more towers rise beside our current proud ones, thus bringing you 5 new amazing water slides and a second children’s area with unique concept: replicas of famous slides for adults designed especially for children!

This is our proof that there are always higher peaks to conquer, and our commitment that we will never stop trying to get you there.

Come with children, with friends, alone, or with your partner and meet the challenges of Aquapark Nessebar on the way to ultimate pleasure! Here you will enjoy the greatest diversity of water slides, pools, rivers, and springboards in Europe, and you are guaranteed to find a million reasons to fly, fall, dive, submerge, resurface and again embark on the amazing adventure called Aquapark Nessebar!

0:00 – Dragero Water Slide
1:49 – Space Shuttle Water Slide
3:55 – King Cobra Water Slide
6:07 – Looping Rocket (AquaLoop) Water Slide
7:53 – Space Jam FreeFall Water Slide
9:40 – Kamikaze Water Slide
10:35 – Volcano Space Bowl Water Slide
12:11 – The Spiral Water Slide
13:24 – Giant Slalom UpHill Water Slide
15:02 – Crazy Race Water Slide
15:52 – Mini Tornado Water Slide
16:55 – Air Abysses Jumping Water Slide
17:39 – Tsunami Boomerang Water Slide
19:07 – Storm’s Eye Toilet Water Slide
20:20 – Freefall Water Slide
21:00 – Tornado Water Slide
21:47 – Wild Cobra Water Slide
22:23 – Family Water Slide
22:48 – Anaconda Water Slide
23:30 – Aladdin’s Lamp Water Slide
24:40 – Mini Rafting Slide Water Slide
25:40 – Mini Black Hole Water Slide
27:28 – Black Hole Water Slide
28:02 – Zebra Black Hole Water Slide

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