We Didn't Expect BULGARIA to be THIS Beautiful! EPIC PLOVDIV, Bulgaria!

We Didn’t Expect BULGARIA to be THIS Beautiful! EPIC PLOVDIV, Bulgaria!

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  1. I'm from Sofia, but i married in Plovdiv and i inlove 💕in this town, the oldest in the Balcans . I live here 12 years now and I like the people and everything is very nice and close its a little town and every thing is very close to you. And more cheaper than Sofia.
    I'm happy to you to be in this place. It's worth ed, and food in Bulgaria 🇧🇬😋 is definitely 👌🔥delicious 😁 I hope you liked 👍 too ! Have a nice trip whatever you go this time 😊 You are so awesome 😎😀👏

  2. You have a great presentation style. I have traveled quite a bit and I try to research some about destinations before going. It enriches the experience so much. I will be in Sofia with an extra day soon and, if possible, you just made up my mind about how to use that day. Thanks!

  3. Alyosha is a monument of the Soviet soldiers that fell in WWII. It's controversial, since the Red Army coming to Bulgaria meant also 45 years of Communist Dictatoship

  4. In the comments of your previous video, I suggested that you go see the Old Basilica. Really glad that you did! I hope you went to see The Rowing Channel as well, ‘cause that’s one of the best places in town.:)

  5. It's was a 7 hills before I was born In 1995 but they destroyed Markovo tepe (hill) to create a stones for the road and now on the place of markovo tepe (seventh hill ) we have a mall this is soo sad but we can't do anything about it 😢😞😕

  6. It's not if a bird lands on you, it's good luck, the believe is if a bird poops on your shoulder is good luck.
    I honestly think someone was having a laugh when they mentioned that the first time and it just stuck.

  7. We love Bulgaria, the way how you show it and another countries but after one of the comment about Aleosha our friends and we are not going to there any more. It looks like our bratushki have a short memory

  8. Plovdiv is great – I’ve been living here for the last 6 months. Great food, historical sights, cultural events, local wine and aylak attitude.

  9. Skapto are expensive, average burgers that are aimed at tourists. There are much better burgers in Plovdiv. For much less price.

  10. Hey guys, incredible video! I am actually from Plovdiv and you have captured the city quite nicely! Still there is plenty more to see in and around it for your next visit! Have a great time in Bulgaria!

  11. Dear foreigners, welcome to Bulgaria, the most beautiful country in Europe … Go around it all, go to all the amazing places in Bulgaria, and you will understand that there is no more beautiful and amazing nature than ours anywhere in Europe … The only country in the world with four seasons with 3 months for each season, with so many natural resources, with so many mountains and forests and lakes, with so rich history, many thousands of years of history, we have everything we need, we Bulgarians live in PARADISE on EARTH!

  12. Best Burgers in Skapto, not any more! I was recently to a place called Cooldown. Its something like a Pub but it had PS and boardgames. The Burgers there… ohhh god! They were delicious i would even dare to say better that Skapto!

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