What is BULGARIA like? (BUDGET Beach Destinations)

Since I have been living in Bulgaria, in this travel vlog I explore a black sea summer and will show you what Bulgaria is like! Cost of living in Bulgaria makes it an amazing budget friendly beach destination with lots of beautiful spots along the black sea like Sozopol. I’m sure it will surprise you the way it did me!

Varvara Restaurants:
The Old Outlaws –
At Dimo’s –

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00:00 – Intro to Black Sea & Sinemorets
02:28 – Sinemorets Town
04:09 – Beach & Day Trips
07:14 – Cost & Accommodation

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  1. Sunny beach is a total disaster and no Bulgarian that I know goes there. No Bulgarian likes all these buildings built on the Black Sea…we do not find it charming at all!.all these hotels are built by the mafia and they are destroying Bulgarian nature.. some are literally built on the beach…and in nature reserves.

  2. Hey, Linda, very nice video about my home country. To be honest I've never been to Sinemorets, but it seems to be a nice place.
    Btw, your video is really very positive … Thank you! Watching such kind of videos makes me like my country much more :).
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    p.s. I've just subscribed to your channel. Thank you once again about the very nice and positive video about Sinemorets.

  3. Благодаря за позитивното и прекрасно видео !!! Добре дошла и приятна почивка в моята КРАСИВА РОДИНА БЪЛГАРИЯ😍😍😍👏👏👏👍👍👍

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