What is it like studying Dentistry abroad| Bulgaria vs UK

In this video I chat with Dental Hassan about his experience studying dentistry abroad in Bulgaria! I know a lot of you got their results recently and are considering options with regards to where to study if you missed your dental school offers, got rejected from dental school or just want to study abroad!

Hope this helps!
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0:00 Intro
0:31 @dentalhassan
0:45 Tell us a little bit about yourself?
1:06 What was it like applying to Bulgaria?
1:50 What are the grade requirements?
2:41 Do you need work experience/personal statements?
4:06 What are the main difficulties with the application?
6:13 What things have you enjoyed in Bulgaria?
8:08 Did you have any difficulties socialising abroad?
10:13 How did you deal with being Homesick?
11:07 Are there any issues practicing in the UK?
12:54 One piece of advice for anyone applying abroad?
13:51 OUTRO