What was the Role of Bulgaria in WW2?

What was the Role of Bulgaria in WW2?
Bulgaria was surely a special case. It was, without a doubt, one of the countries less committed to the war and to its own allies.

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  1. Bulgaria was on bad side because Tsar. Communism won in Bulgaria because Soviet Union. Like in Yugoslavia and Serbia.

  2. As a Bulgarian, I don`t understand how we were joint with Nazis in WW2 when we saved the jews from them and actually went against them in the war this is insane to me… I just don`t get it .

  3. The same communist killed the entire political class, high ranking generals, people that went to university, doctors, priests and just left uneducated sheep

  4. The sad part is communism did more damage than the bombings ever could. Bulgaria was no major threat and had a fully functioning air force late into the war so the allied bombing were largely unsuccessful. Bulgaria was about average for Europe in GDP per capita before the war and had massive economic growth during the war so at the end of the war was basically an economic powerhouse. But the war exhausted red army came and took everything that wasnt nailed down. In fact the probably ripped the nails out and took them as well. What followed was communist economic restructuring resulting in pathetic growth so much so that the average westerner considered the Balkans shit poor pissholes in the late 90s.

  5. Treaty of st stephan was a shameful act of betrayal initiated by France ( a europian country) and Russia ( a non europian force ) combined together to undermine the stability of natural europian nations.
    Immediately after the treaty the Russian and French backed regressive forces started one of the most calculated actions of genocide against bullgarians, albanians and croatians . These acts of ethnic cleansing and forced expulsions resulted in the expansion of serbia by 70% , creation of montenegro, and expansion of Greece by 30% .

  6. That portrait of the King: just because you know how to do a cool wavy effect in AfterEffects doesn't mean you should.

  7. this video is good but, there are many grammatical errors in this video. it's like you wrote a script, with a load of mistakes, and had a robot read it. some of the things you say are so grammatical incorrect, it verges on comedy.

  8. All good, but for one fact: Bulgaria didn't enter Axis for territory, it entered because these territories were mostly composed by bulgarian ethnic groups. Also few years ago the Neuilly Treaty expired and yet again we didn't recieve our lands back.

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