Which Country Do You HATE The Most? | BULGARIA

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  1. For me all white people are of same bloodline, yet pretending this that, they all are of same blood different religion different culture.

  2. Living in bulgaria for 8 months I can say that many bulgarians are racist, your lucky to see a black person once a week as well. Its a very unique place to live. Most bulgarians are nice people but they do have a habit of classing an entire population as something due to one bad experience. As can be seen in this video, not likeing USA as they are stupid, not liking romainians lol.

    I was in a taxi once and the taxi driver started laughing to me saying theirs no blacks in bulgaria like in UK. Young people are just like you would find in UK, educated and not so discriminative. The older guys/gals are definitely more old fashioned.

    Also knowing some bulgarian is mandatory in bulgaria, most people over 30 will not speak english. So catch up on your bulgarian skills before going to bulgaria or you will struggle in places such as shops, and taxis. Speaking with police in english is next to impossible.

  3. I don’t understand why but almost on every video you will hear the countries that most people hate are Germany 🇩🇪 , Serbia 🇷🇸, USA 🇺🇸, Russia 🇷🇺, China 🇨🇳 , Morocco 🇲🇦 , France 🇫🇷 and India 🇮🇳 (also some people say Africa I’m guessing they mean African countries and they mention Middle East a lot as well )

  4. I hate Arab countries like Saudi Arabia🇸🇦,Iraq,Iran,Qatar,etc for strict laws make against women and non Muslims,and I love 🇬🇭Ghana, Ireland🇮🇪 and Israel🇮🇱

  5. syarif the bulgarians and romanians are brothers so you do not criticize a country where you will be welcomed like a prince when we share the same values ​​but at the same time he has more of a rich english's face than a bulgarian.

  6. syarif les bulgares et les roumains sont des frères donc tu ne critique pas un pays ou tu seras accueilli comme un prince quand nous partageons les mèmes valeurs mais en meme temps il a plus une tête de riche anglais que de bulgare.

  7. I really appreciate these videos, but it’s sad to see all the people all over the world who have been blinded and confused by the false narratives of the mainstream media. It’s global deception and manipulation.

  8. I think that the problem with the status it's their snobby attitude, they think that they are the best confederation of stares on this Planet… They are delusional. I don't really hate them , but the export really insane Ideas sometimes plus on different tipics they seem to be brainwashed to me…

  9. samo az li si mislq che sa izkarali takuv kusmet da namerqt hora koito, vsushtnost mogat da razbirat angliiski?

  10. The Bulgarians being interviewed are not as stupid as the question Gus is asking.
    Many of them know how to distinguish a country from its people and its government 🙂

    Since when is HATE at good thing?

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