Why did Bulgaria join the axis? (Short Animated Documentary)


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In this episode we’ll discuss why Bulgaria opted to join the axis. Spoiler: it’s because they didn’t want to get Yugoslavia’d.


A Concise History of Bulgaria (2nd ed.) by R. J. Crampton.

Sofia was bombed? Bulgaria’s Forgotten War with the Allies by Irina Gigova in History and Memory, Vol. 23 (2011).


  1. all bulgarians would later regret having any relations with the soviets and live miserably under their rule for decades.

  2. Do you ever notice how most of the "lesser" Axis powers just didn't really have a choice?

    It was either be invaded by Nazis or be invaded by Soviets

  3. Say what you like about Boris, but he did alright by the Jews. He might have stripped them of their rights and forced them into what was essentially indentured servitude camps, but he knew it was either that or the Nazi's would invade and force them into death camps. He did what he could to keep the Jews out of Nazi hands.

  4. In short Bulgaria don't want to get Occupied again. Because If Bulgaria did not join. Turkey might Join axis and occupied Bulgaria

  5. One thing you'll notice when you look at the behavior of the Axis powers is that it was really only the Germans who were obsessed with killing Jews. Even if some of the other Axis leaders were a bit anti-Semitic at times, they generally weren't in favor of deporting Jews to death camps. When they did so it was only under German pressure. Fascism is bad regardless because no one in their right mind wants to live under a military dictatorship or an oppressive police state, but that type of genocide is really just a German thing.

  6. Video idea: How did Bulgaria manage to gain territory after WW2?

    Side note: I think things DID end pretty badly for Bulgaria, even if it’s the only axis power that gained land. Being occupied by the Soviets, and having their monarchy exiled and all that.

  7. I am proud of Bulgaria for not having anti-Jewish sentiment in the war. And it did seem like they were bullied by the Nazis to join the Axis Alliance. I don't even think a single Bulgarian national was tried at Nuremburg anyway. 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

  8. Bulgaria has an odd history. For example it's on the central/axis powers side but before being invaded by allied powers, it surrenders to them insteads of fights.

  9. You forgot to mention that Bulgaria had one of the largest and most powerful militaries in all of Europe despite our small size. This is why Bulgaria was valuable to N Germany. I think we had the 4th largest military in the world at that point.

  10. Yugoslavia was not “just because” the government went pro axis and flipped to pro allies. And fearing allowing the allies in it was seen necessary to take it down

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