Why I moved to Bulgaria

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In this video, I’m talking about the reasons why I moved to Bulgaria. Why do I see Bulgaria as a country of opportunities and who might profit from coming here? What is good about Bulgaria? Is there something that is bad? What are the advantages of living in Bulgaria as an entrepreneur?

Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. Thailand is chaotic and dirty…really compared to what country cause anymore especially with “COVID” every country is shit !

  2. For some people like you, Bulgaria is nothing, but a hunting area for personal enrichment. For me, Bulgaria is the home of a wonderful lady, who is my sweetheart. Through her I became Balgarolyubets, because in this gem of a country there are many warm-hearted people, not addicted to the globalistic rat-race. While deeply religious, the Bulgarian is not a fanatic, tolerance is a built-in trait of his basic character. There are lots of other reasons why I would like to spend my retirement in this chudesna Strana!

  3. I wish i could move there. I am in the depressing caribbean where everything s covid covid covid. How is covid over there?

  4. Thanks for this….l am from lreland thinking of relocating to Bulgaria for a better quality of life…..my Euro goes a lot further in Sofia then lreland

  5. I like Canada tho especially Vancouver. So If you're from there then can you tell me is it possible to get rid of high taxes there? Like incorporating my business elsewhere while living in Vancouver?
    By the way originally I'm from India
    Thank you 🙂

  6. Do you have a video about moving to Bulgaria?

    We're in Canada and LOVE Bulgaria…but found it very hard to get a visa. Potentially just looking in the wrong area but would love to know more about it.

  7. im intesreted to have soon a bulgarian citizenship once this covid pandemic is over. how much is the annual property tax for a condominium or house&lot in the capital city? and how much is personal income tax there? do they tax its citizen on its worldwide income?

  8. Hey I would like to study in Bulgaria and I'm finding the application process a bit difficult and I live in the Caribbean. Is there any suggestions on how I can apply and so on?

  9. Michael, do you see many western entrepreneurs like yourself moving to Bulgaria? In particular, how would you estimate the tendency? Is this a sustainable upward trend or do you think that after a while people would get bored from Bulgaria because more competitive places will arise in the region? Is there a steady influx of people from countries like the US, Canada, UK moving to Bulgaria to do business? How does Bulgaria compare to Romania? Romania is a bigger market and Romania together with Poland are the "geographic" backbone of the US led geo-strategic project "Trimarium" designed to counter Russia's expansionism to the West. Thanks.

  10. You mentioned low taxes (5-14.5%) but what about CFC laws? Wouldn't all your businesses be dragged into their tax net? Next door Serbia has higher taxes but doesn't have CFC laws.

  11. I just have some questions about Bulgaria
    Is there tape water easy to drink ?
    Are there clothing stores like there is in Canada?
    Can you recommend some food to try in Bulgaria ?
    Is the transit easy and affordable?
    Is there lots of crime there?
    Are things affordable there?
    What’s it like buying a house in Bulgaria?

  12. Hi how are you.
    I have been looking at a property in Toshevo.north east.
    We could afford to buy a property but we would also need to find work.i am a mercanical Engineer.the wife is a teacher.
    Is there work to find out there.

  13. Thanks for the video. I'm thinking of moving to Bulgaria by the end of the year to beat the Brexit. This video was interesting. Cheers.

  14. hi, i wold to know a simple information, how much the bulgarians people speak english? A foreign person can live there, or it is very complicated?

  15. I wish I was as smart as you are to have a business in Bulgaria. Bulgaria needs people like you. All the very best with your business there. The language is hard but if you learn it it would be of great advantage. I can give you free lessons 🙂

  16. people come here cuz its cheap! if you cant succeed in your own country and are failure then come to Bulgaria and all is great!

  17. I love love love Bulgaria. I lived there for a few years and it’s always going to be a part of me! Learned to read, write, and speak it fluently! My wife and I went there (her first time) in 2017. I am very jealous of your situation! Honestly.

  18. Ten percent and then add the additional deductions if you’re employee. Overall if you trade with wealthier Eu, countries then it’s a win win. However, if you trade only within Bg, to try and break out of that low cost economy when all around are on low wages is very competitive task. Great video.

  19. It is obvious that you do not know Bulgaria and you do not know where you are! This can be corrected, but for this purpose you need to know Bulgaria and its history, culture and traditions.

  20. Hello we hope your well and keeping safe. we are going to Bulgaria in just over 2 weeks thanks for putting up this video is there any tips you can give us while we are there? Kind Regards Sarah and Glenn

  21. I agree with many expats who say that Bulgaria is not aesthetically pleasing as many other countries. Especially if you're talking about Sofia.
    If you're coming from North America, Asia, or Australia and want to explore Europe, Bulgaria is probably not going to be on the list!

    I'd say MUST in Europe are Spain, Italy, France, the UK and maybe Greece. If you want to dive in Eastern Europe maybe consider Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, and Montenegro. Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, it's a hidden gem with good prices. Better to take advantage of it while it's still not overcrowded with tourists with insane prices! The same goes for Montenegro.

    Bulgaria is still good for business purposes, but if they raise taxes it doesn't make any sense to operate in that country. They would shoot themselves in the foot by doing so. Imagine how many foreign businesses they would lose in that case. Cash flying out of the window.

    On the other hand, I hope that many other Eastern European countries become more open to foreign businesses, so entrepreneurs get to have more options to choose from.

  22. Communist city? not esthetically pleasing. With this attitude you will not get far. I really think you should have stayed in Montenegro and find how esthethically pleasing everything is. Btw, the Bulgarian government is planning to raise taxes, so maybe you should reconsider your plans.

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