In this video we talk about the recent dispute between Bulgaria & Macedonia over the Macedonian language & identity and where this conflict stems from.

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  1. You are too far from the truth. Definitely need to read more books about the history. Which are yours sources for this video? Why you miss the propaganda of USSR ? And how exactly the bulgarian take everything from the slavs, but on the end they call themselves Bulgarians? Anyway not bad video.

  2. According to my 76 year old husband, your comments are entirely correct. Our son was laughed at in Sofia when he said his father was from Macedonia and told that he was from Western Bulgaria. Honestly as an American who visits the Balkans every summer, I believe Macedonia should be independent and free just as Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Albania. The problem is that the economy is so bad, particularly because of the politicians like Zaev, that most younger, educated graduates leave for other countries to make a living. It is very sad because when they leave someone else moves into Macedonia to take over, namely Albania. They speak a totally different language and are not Orthodox Christian. Now we have a brand new problem.

  3. I love Boyco Borisov on the thumbnail. Too bad he is gone. BTW Macedonia stole our whole history so they don't deserve anything.

  4. Have you noticed that ironically Albanians are the most peaceful nation in the Balkans? They never bother their neighbors..somehow

  5. First all NO the language is not from Bulgarian. Russian and Bulgarian are closer if you look at that but no one is talking about that cause Russians would beachslap Bulgaria is they say anything. Secondly we don't think we are ancestors of Alexander the great. Hell I don't even like the dude. But the Greeks are not either. Greeks are Soo mixed like every other Balkan nation that they are not even a little connected with former Ellada.

  6. Дали Бугари славе Славу ? Срби славе? А браћа из Северне Македоније?

  7. Some of the things that you’ve said are correct but some are not. It seems like you are payed to spice things up… with videos like this you are trying to rewrite the history. You are payed by some of the big players that try to intervene in the process of resolving the dispute. Both macedonians and bulgarians will agree that you are payed!

  8. Your premise is wrong. No one in Bulgaria gives a shit about N. Macedonia. Also 200,000 N.Macedonia citizens got Bulgarian passport based on origin. You have to prove Bulgarian roots in order to get it! Also, for you this area is still South Serbia!

  9. Although I'm a proud bulgarian there was no such thing as a bulgarian empire. An empire needs 50+ nations and the ,, bulgarian empire '' had 1- bulgarians. MACEDONIANS ARE BULGARIAN DEAL WITH IT

  10. You said yourself, the Macedonians are seeing them self like a different identities, no bulgars, no Greeks no Serbs no Martians, end of story, and if the Bulgarians are that modern and progressive as they portrait them self , they should let the people of already recognised county to self determinate what they are, and the answer is clear, they feel as different identity, period. Nothing complicated about that.

  11. A Bulgarian here btw, I really don't care about the "Macedonia is Bulgaria" thing, but a while back I met a guy, and while we were talking about memes and anime in, what I thought of as Bulgarian, he almost jokingly said, "Oh yeah, by the way, I'm from eastern Macedonia". I kinda laughed and thought of it as a weird joke…. well it wasn't. This guy who I was talking to for a good 2-3 hours wasn't even from my country lol. Later I learned that he did some minor changes in his speech to be understood better. I still don't get why we are not one country as we literally are the same, but whatever.

  12. how amusing to check the comment sections. Balkan wars 2.0, like it would matter legally /culturally which country belongs where, that won't change their quality of life

  13. blutige hände werden aus mazedonien entfernt mazedonien nicht griechenland auch bulgarien entschuldigen sich beim mazedonischen volk für die verbrechen und völkermorde, die gegen das mazedonische volk begangen wurden

  14. So many crybabies here. If bulgars statement is true about macedonia why they didnt do anything about it before macedonia was about to get into EU, why were they so calm and they didnt had even one issue before but suddenly macedonia is about to enter EU and bulgaria claims they have bulgarian roots and some othe funny statements. Not one in the world not just europe was thinking these two countries had any problem and suddenly they steal your history??? Smells like bullshit! Even one year old would understand whats goin on.

  15. Everything in this video is wrong. Everything. 1. We aren't Turkic. 2. There aren't such people as slavs, this is a term used by USSR to brainwash different countries with close languages. The idea is to make these nations think they are one. 3.Slavs may be a term used for describing a language group, but not an ethnicity.

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