Will a new government end Bulgaria's corruption woes? | DW News

Voters are going to the polls in Bulgaria for the second time in three months. Elections in the spring were inconclusive. No party won enough support to form a government.
This time, two parties have been running neck-and-neck in opinion polls – one populist and the other, pro-Europe. They promise drastically different solutions in a nation rocked by alarming revelations of state corruption. Transparency International describes Bulgaria as the most corrupt country in the EU.
So what do Bulgarians want in their second attempt at voting?
A lot of anger is directed against the chief prosecutor of the country – who many hold to be a lynchpin in the corrupt networks of politicians, oligarchs and the judiciary.
Whether change will really come depends on the biggest opposition party, the populist “There is such a people” of talk show host and singer Slavi Trifinov. The polls show them on track to win first place, but their program seems somewhat vague and undefined:
On the outskirts of Sofia, of the Gerb Party holds a final pre-election meeting. Its boss Boyko Borisov ruled Bulgaria for over a decade. He’s fighting a losing battle to keep his hold on power. Still his supporters seem defiant:
But it’s likely that the old face of Bulgarian politics will be gone and not see a comeback after this election day.


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  1. one more thing,You will never Fix Corruption in Bulgaria ,because 2 of 3 people are Corrupted in some way….You can change Governments but you can't change the majority of people

  2. The Only OK Government of Bulgaria was under Prime Minister Borisov ,However He started War against Corruption together with The New Prosecutor ,and they Started sending Mafia Big Bosses to Court ("THE SCULL" VASIL BOŽHKOV – BULGARIAN EQUIVALENT OF PABLO ESCOBAR,SO HE HAS THE MONEY AND PAID FOR THOSE PROTESTS AND OFCOURSE TO VOTE AGAINST "GERB"

  3. having lived in Bg for a short time I know that the majority of Bulgarians are open, friendly, and hard-working, They deserve better leadership

  4. I don't care what the title says. They have only 10% taxation and they don't rob your hard working money!

  5. This comment section is horrible. Its not a competition. And even if it was the title says "most corrupt in europe" get out of here brittain and africa

  6. The fight against the chief prosecutor is actually the attempt of the Mafia to "fight back. He is the first prosecutor in Bulgaria who successfully reduced organised crimes, accused untouchable oligarchs in Bulgaria who are fugitives at the moment outside the EU and financing the protest in Bulgaria against him and the previous government. He investigated ministers and deputy ministers of the ruling coalition, and achieve 20% drop in domestic crime and rampant phone fraud. Finally he arrested russian spies and one of the president's advisers who is also connected to Russia. The president of Bulgaria and clearly DW too are receiving money from Russia and oligarchs who wants the prosecutor out. Geshev is the only guard of democracy in Bulgaria at the moment! I sincerely advise people not to trust the interpretation of DW of who is baddy and who is goody in Bulgaria!!! If you don't trust me , please spend some time fact checking!

  7. Hi from Bulgaria… we have lived here for 8 years now and honestly we have never seen Corruption, When we go into town and sit at a outside cafe and watch the world go by… We get a receipt for absolutely everything… and thats without even asking for one !

  8. They want change, but they don't vote. With 40 percent participation in the elections nothing is achieved. Bulgarians have to change the political system starting with themselves.

  9. Вменяването на европейски ценности, водещи до абсолитизирането на материализма и консумизма е процес, който няма да може да се случи в България.

    Корупцията е неизменна част от всяка човешка власт.

    Самоизяждащият се дивашки капитализъм, ще се опита да издържа себе си с провокирането на локални конфликти по цял свят.

    България сега е по-свободна от всякога.

  10. The main problem is that ORDINARY people are also corrupt, that's the difference between the east and the west. I think that we would much better without the Western European Politicians and Corporations that started with all the bribery with Politicians.

  11. I don't believe for 1 second it's more corrupt than Britain.

    It's like my Italian friend said in Italy corruption is for everyone in Britain corruption is only for the rich .

  12. I always keep saying whatever has in south-east Europe , it has it the same on west even double or triple , on the west in that count USA there is a lot of money a lot of greedy people . All this usually seen negative practis of blaming the east countries of something bad is because the west is trying make themselfs immaculate and pure.

  13. They are very smart people but no leader who can rise their spirits and dig them from misery Lord nave mercy

  14. Corrupt countries shouldn’t even be let in the EU. They have no incentive to change if they know that a better-run country will bail them out if they become insolvent.

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