Would you eat this kebab in Bulgaria? 🇧🇬

I decided to head out for some shawarma in Sofia (Bulgaria) and stumbled upon a restaurant with good reviews and a high score, but it turned out to be one of the worst shawarmas I’ve ever had. I also do not undertand why they put a thin paperwrap on the shawarma, because if a thin paper like this gets hot the paper will just melt into the meat. It’s like eating a toilet paper kebab. The price was a bit higher compared to other restaurants as well. I do not recommend this place to anyone.

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  1. The river has always been like that and it's not dried up. The bed is bigger so if it gets worse it let's say from heavy rains it won't flood the surrounding neighbourhoods.
    Promarket is one of the smallest and least popular supermarket chains. There's Metro (which is like walmart), Fantastiko. Kaufland (third largest), Lidl and so on.

    The sign on the tree is bulgarian tradition to put an obituary of people that passed away. It sounded very rude to say it's about kidnapped people.

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